We believe that change starts from you, then your team, then the world.

In our team, everybody plays an important role regardless of their position, experience, and identities. If you believe in social issues and want to contribute in the development of Indonesia’s first social tracking app, join the Campaign.com team!

Since March 2020, Campaign.com has implemented a full work-from-home system because we care about our team’s safety. But in June 2020, we decided to offer the option for permanent remote work for our entire team, because we know everyone can contribute to making the world better no matter the distance or the timezone. With innovative technology, our team works every day so that we can all have more fun taking actions to make a greater social impact!
What You’ll Get at Campaign.com
What You’ll Get at Campaign.com
  • Make a social impact everyday
  • No matter the achievements, hurdles, or changes we face, our social mission continues to be #1. Here, you have the opportunity to work every single day to make positive change in Indonesia and around the world.
  • Work whenever you want, wherever you can
  • We always try our best to provide safe space for everyone on our team. With the implementation of full remote work and flexible working hours is an example of this commitment.
  • Invaluable knowledge and opportunities
  • Everyday is an opportunity to gain lessons and experiences that will take you to great places. Create a better world, exchange ideas, and take actions for change with Changemakers from diverse backgrounds and identities all year round. Don’t forget to have fun while you are at it!
  • Competitive salary
  • As interns or full-time employees, you will get competitive monthly compensation and attractive benefits.
Teams at Campaign
Engagement and Communication
This team focuses on organizing activities by collaborating with social communities and funders, and also developing Campaign.com’s communication strategies.
This team focuses on developing Campaign.com’s technology. This team plans and executes the creation of the platforms that we all use to take actions for a better world for everyone.
UI/UX and Design
This team designs visuals and user friendliness for various Campaign.com products by collaborating with all the other teams.
Corporate Affairs
The team is divided into four areas: Human Resources, Legal, Finance, and General Affairs. This team’s various contributions include building a strong foundation using legal policies, implementing a good corporate culture, and ensuring the sustainability of Campaign.com.
What They Say
Find Your Passion
Sponsorship Outreach Manager
(Full time and full remote position)
Job summary

Working closely with the CEO, Program and Organization Outreach team, the Sponsorship Outreach Manager will carry out lead generation activity, primarily through securing private sector sponsorships and donations.
Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer

Main responsibilities
  1. Develop high quality, successful sponsorship proposals in line with our ethical collaboration policy.
  2. Develop and implement a sponsorship strategy to reach annual targets
  3. Establish and maintain long term partnerships with current and potential sponsors and donors
  4. Manage and upgrade accounts
  5. Accurate and timely reporting to sponsors and donors
  6. Monitoring, evaluating and analysing the actual results (vs. the targets) and the competitor activities.
Knowledge specific to the position
  • Understand and share the vision, mission and values of Campaign.com
  • Experience in planning, executing and analysing marketing acquisition campaigns
  • Knowledge and experience in customer relationship management
  • Experienced in database management (segmentation, CRM)
  • Agency / corporate communications experience
  • Excellent negotiation skills, experience in negotiations and management of business partners
  • Self-motivated, determined, innovative, proactive and with a “can do” mentality, i.e. ability to identify and take advantage of fundraising opportunities
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and social competence
  • A strong result-orientation combined with a proven competence in strategic planning, budgeting, analysis and evaluation
  • Able to manage own time and to work under high pressure
Skills (Key technical skills required)
  • Excellent English writing skills are an advantage.
  • Good Google Workspace capabilities (Drive, Doc, Sheet, Slide, etc)
  • Familiar with channel based communication tools such as Slack
  • Experience with negotiations and management of partners and service providers like agencies, list brokers, printers, etc.
  • Event planning experience
Personal attributes:
  • Positive working attitude and ability to work under pressure
  • Highly organised, result-oriented, proactive, reliable and sensitive to deadlines
  • Enjoys working and communicates effectively as part of a full remote team
  • Innovative and creative, proposing new ideas and insights which lead to business improvements, and claiming and demonstrating high professional standards
  • Engaged, determined, persistent, “can do” and solution-oriented mentality
  • Regularly monitors performance against milestones and standards and takes swift action to deal with variances.
  • Strategic and analytical thinking abilities
  • Good at relationship-building with different layers of the organisation and stakeholders of various companies and business partners
  • Good team player
Interested in creating a better world with your talent?
As an intern, you will have the opportunity to experience our company culture, expand your network and build skills that you'll be able to apply anywhere. Also, you won't just be shadowing others—you'll be in the mix right from the start.

This is what we are looking for in you:
  • Proactivity
  • Creativity
  • Interest for community and social movement projects
  • Independent and fast

  • Campaign.com welcomes all applicants regardless of location, education, age, or background! Current university students, or fresh graduates from any background are welcome to apply;
  • Applicants with experience in social major, marketing, communication, project management, human resources, people management, or related subjects are prioritized;
  • Crazily passionate about human stories & social issues;
  • Able to work under pressure and tight schedule, and an effective communicator;
  • Have a creative and fun mindset, able to work both independently and as a team;
  • Available to work remotely;
  • Willing to work on the weekend (subject to be discussed);

Current openings:
  • ID - Intern Fair Open Call 2021
  • US - Expansion Intern Batch 2
Interested in creating a better world with your talent?